Design and development are two parts of the same process, but the design process can be holding back agile development. There are many ways to speed up UX design in software Agile and you will discover them below.

Design is becoming a bottleneck in the agile team’s progress.

This happens because designers are trying to do too much, and it’s not working. In an agile team, design should be happening far ahead of development, but it’s not. That means that when a team member makes a mistake or changes something, everything stops. It’s like you’re in front of a train—everything has to move at the speed of light or else you’re going to get run over.

The problem with this approach is that it takes away the ability of our product teams to iterate quickly and with minimal effort because they don’t have time to make changes because they were late on one thing. This can make them feel frustrated and worthless because they’ve been given such a hard task.

The solution here is simple: expand your design team by adding new roles such as UX Lead, UX Designer, UI Designer, UX Researcher, and Design System Manager who can help out with all aspects of design from research through execution. This might look costly at first glance, but we provide on-demand access to these roles so that we can provide some relief for our client’s teams who are overwhelmed with work obligations.

UX For Agile Teams

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UI/UX Design for Agile Teams