There are strategies for wanting to be your customer’s first choice. The first step is to stop being invisible. Instead of asking how you can find customers, try repositioning your question into asking how you can make your customers find you.

It means, you don’t need to go to each customers and give them a pitch and ask for a sale. It’s difficult to go and catch them and sometimes, we may look like hard selling. So instead of doing that, you need to have a system in which your target customers are automatically being led to you. From informing them up to asking for a sale, guiding them what to do step by step. Once you built this kind of system, you can now focus more into other parts of your business such as training your people, improving your product or expertise or even have more free time for yourself.


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So what I am actually talking about here as the first step is, for you to have at least a basic website. An online presence that will help you state what you do clearly with assistance of your work examples. People nowadays want to see proof of your work rather than you do the talking. Some small businesses do not sell their products online, they only have few employees, and their target customers are just nearby, these business owners think that they do not need a professional looking website. This is one of the mistakes that most small business owners commit. We all know that business needs investment, and I will tell you right now, your website is one of your biggest investment and it’s a game changer with the lowest possible risk.


So here are some points you might consider why you need a website for your personal brand or business.



Unlike physical stores which are only open a few hours a day, a website is open 24/7. It is a continuous business operation without downtime. Not only that, with the help of advanced plugins and features, you can allow people to contact you, schedule an appointment, purchase online products and sign up for events / courses.



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You can easily reach out to your customers, make an engagement and ask for a sale through your website. Most successful business websites are doing SEO to rank in google search, testing marketing strategies in a matter of minutes in websites, improving social media presence through some integrations and being able to check analytics which they can turn those insights into foolproof strategies.



Competitive advantage

Let’s say you have five competitors within your local community and you’re the only one who has a website. Given the fact that most people nowadays use google search before they consider going to a specific place. You have a complete advantage to make your competition irrelevant and just get all the possible sales from your customers.


Lastly, always remember that before you work on your website, you must understand that it is an investment and not a business expense. With the available tools online, you can have a basic free website up to a full strategic online presence. It’s just a matter of what are your current goals and priorities for your business as of the moment for you to decide what type of website should you get.


Now after reading all these, you may still be in doubt if you really need a website. To help you with that, we prepared simple actionable steps for you to validate if your target market is looking for you online. You can download this free e-book below

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